Lyon County, Iowa


Lyon County Attorney FAQ

Where do I apply for a CAPP? 


Lyon County does not provide the CAPP program but you may still be a part of the program by contacting the Woodbury County CAPP program at 712-279-6926.

I'm on a CAPP. Why can't I register my car?


See Vehicle Registration Holds & Lifts 

Where do I make my payments?


For court fines, pay online at, send payments to the clerk (where your ticket was filed) Lyon County Clerk of Courts, Lyon County Courthouse, 206 South Second Avenue, Rock Rapids, Iowa 51246, or pay in person at the Lyon County Clerk’s Office.   Be sure to include your case number(s)!


For DOT civil penalties included in a CAPP you must SEND payment to the clerk of court. The clerk cannot accept payments for civil penalties online.  


If you have an active wage assignment you do not need to make additional payments - unless ordered by the court to do so.  


It is your responsibility to monitor your pay stubs for deductions and to ensure that payments are arriving.

What is a wage assignment?


A wage assignment is an agreement where you authorize your employer to deduct payments from your checks and send them in for you. Your wage assignment will include ALL delinquent court debt you owe in Lyon County, plus any other cases and DOT civil penalties that may be part of a CAPP. A wage assignment works like an informal garnishment, but is typically not as harsh. We will work with you to set a reasonable payment.


Your payments should come in as long as you keep your job. But it is your responsibility to monitor your pay stubs, especially right after submitting a wage assignment, and to verify that your payments are arriving.


A few employers will not accept wage assignments.  If that happens you will be responsible for making payments on your own.


Your wage assignment with us WILL NOT include amounts due on new cases with court-ordered pay plans or cases in which you have a plan set up with the Department of Revenue. You will be responsible for complying with those plans in addition to the terms of our wage assignment.

I discharged my deferred judgment.  Why is it still visible at courtsonline? 


The law now prohibits expungement of files with outstanding balances owed to the court.  The Clerk will expunge the file when you pay off your balance

I got a Notice of Full Commitment. What is that?
The law gives the County Attorney many duties.  Among those is the duty to collect debts owed to the State and County.  Iowa Code section 331.756(5).   Every year the Lyon County Attorney’s Office files with State Court Administration a Notice of Full Commitment to collect delinquent court debt.  Court Administration currently requires the County Attorney to also file a Notice of Full Commitment in each case.   These notices let the court and you know that our office is involved in collecting the amounts due in the cases listed on the notice.