Auditor / Elections

Jennifer Smit

Lyon County Auditor

Phone:  (712) 472-8517

Fax: (712) 472-2829


Office Hours:

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday - Friday


Mailing Address:

Lyon County Courthouse

206 S. 2nd Avenue, Ste 205

Rock Rapids, IA  51246-1538

BEACON Online property parcel search available


What are the Auditor's duties?

The office of the County Auditor was created in 1870 as part of a revamping of county government. The duties of the office covered areas that had previously been given to the County Judge in 1851, in the first Code of Iowa, and then to the Clerk of Court in 1861, with the formation of the Board of Supervisors. The State Legislature added the duties of Commissioner of Elections in the early 1970’s. The County Auditor is an elected position, with a term of four years.

The Institute of Public Affairs has labeled the Auditor’s Office as the “Hub of County Government”. The Auditors and their staff are always available to help with your questions and invite you to visit their offices anytime.

The following information has been prepared by the Iowa State Association of County Auditors for the purpose of acquainting you with the duties and responsibilities of your County Auditor. No attempt has been made to cover all the functions of this office. We hope you use this as a reference and an educational guide for information about the County Auditor.

The Auditor may perform a variety of duties depending on the size of the county:

Budget Central

Clerk to the Board of Supervisors

Commissioner of Elections

County Financial Officer

County Registrar of Voters

County Tax Accountant

Custodian of the Courthouse

Custodian of the Election Returns and Records



Overseer of the County Plats

Payroll & Human Resources Manager

Records and Plans