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Voting Precincts

Polling locations and precincts may change depending on the type of election. If you are unsure of where to vote, please contact the Auditor's Office and we will help you find where you need to go.

Find Your Polling Place

Visit the Secretary of State's website to find where you go to vote on Election Day.

List of Precincts

Precincts and polling locations are listed below. Use the map marker icon to generate driving directions.

Precinct Map

Lyon County Precincts

Precinct 1
George Community Building
117 S Main St
George, IA 51237
Precinct Map
Precinct 2
Little Rock Town & County Building
409 Main Street
Little Rock, IA 51243
Precinct Map
Precinct 3 and 4
Rock Rapids Forster Bldg
404 1st Avenue
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Precinct Map
Precinct 5
Doon City Hall
103 3rd Avenue
Doon, IA 51235
Precinct Map
Precinct 6 and 7
Inwood Community Center
103 S Main Street
Inwood, IA 51240
Precinct Map
Precinct 8 and 9
Lester Community Center
105 W. 5th Street
Lester, IA 51242
Precinct Map
Precinct 10
Larchwood City Hall
909 Broadway Street
Larchwood, IA 51241
Precinct Map

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