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Park Rules

View a list of park rules for the Lake Pahoja Recreation Area.


Baiting with live minnows is not allowed in Lake Pahoja.


Motorized vehicles are restricted to roadways and designated parking areas. Parking is prohibited on the dam. Park roads are public roads and all Iowa laws pertain.

Speed Limit

15 miles per hour on roadways. 5 miles per hour in camping areas

First come, first served camping

Self-Registration is required within one hour of site occupancy. The check-in stations are located at the restroom/shower facilities in each campground. You will need to fill out the information on the envelope, including your license plate number. The rates are posted at each location along with a drop box for your payment. The tear off portion gets attached to the post and the site must be occupied/marked with a camper or a tent (not a bag chair). The tent does not need to be set up but is strongly encouraged. One vehicle and one camping unit are allowed per site. Campers must register for additional days or vacate by noon.

Note: Reservations are required for shelters, cabins, and lodges.   

Picnics & Fires

Please use facilities provided and fire rings or grills.


Unsupervised beach — no lifeguards employed. Glass containers are not permitted on the beach and beverage containers are not permitted in the water. Swimming is permitted only within the boundary ropes.


Keep on a leash at all times. Not permitted on the beach or inside any of the facilities/rentals. 

Bouncy Houses 

Not permitted.


Shall be discarded in containers provided within the park area.


Permitted only in areas open for public hunting. Steel shots are required. Gun must remain unloaded outside of the hunting zone.

Refer to the full posting of regulations at the park entrance, parking areas, and park buildings and facilities. Violation of these rules or applicable state laws is a misdemeanor.

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