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Civil Division

The civil duties of the Lyon County Sheriff's Office.

Our civil process duties include: 

  • Original notices and petitions 
  • Garnishments 
  • Orders 
  • Sheriff sales 
  • Room and board reimbursements 
  • Evictions 
  • Protective orders 
  • Involuntary commitment of persons with mental illness and/or substance abuse
  • Duties related to condemnation of private property
  • Execution and return of all writs and other legal processes issued by lawful authority 

Steps for Obtaining Service of Papers

The direction to the Sheriff form must accompany paperwork, directing the sheriff to whom and where to serve the civil paper.

  • Civil papers require a deposit before service will be made, except for special  executions and garnishments. If several attempts need to be made to achieve service, you will be billed for the difference of the deposit.
  • The deposit required is determined on the town and type of paper to which you  need served.The following are the fees for serving one person at one address. Add $20.00 for each additional person at the same address. 
    • Alvord: $46.08
    • Doon: $47.42
    • George: $50.10
    • Inwood: $59.48
    • Larchwood: $50.10
    • Lester: $40.72
    • Little Rock: $50.10
    • Rock Rapids: $31.00 

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